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    April 24, 2008


    Jesse Phillips

    Rick Warren,

    Have you read the REVEAL study from Willow Creek. They've decided to change their focus from seekers to mature Christians (sort of).

    What do you think of this? Have you found similar things as REVEAL has in your own congregation?

    Jesse Phillips


    I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you've said about Deeds rather than Creeds. Love it. I've heard you talking about this for over a year now (thanks for doing this).

    Have you seen churches pick-up and start doing deeds? Obviously there's some movement this way, but have you seen the kind of movement to deeds that you're hoping for?

    travis Spencer

    You have done a lot with bringing "cause related ministry" to the surface of American church circles. i.e. AIDS in Africa, PEACE plan...

    How are we doing at large as a church in America at meeting needs?
    What needs to be done?
    What can you say to the smaller church that wants to make a big impact on the world?


    Rick, what do you thing of the revival happening in Florida right now?

    Also, what do you see as the future role of women in the church? I'm finding a lot of lip service and no empowering or releasing in most places. How would you change that?


    watching from brooklyn, ny

    Bob Franquiz

    Do you guys know any Iron Maiden?


    turn the volume back up


    how do you send a specific message to you via twitter? new to it

    Clayton Bell

    Has the American church, particularly 20somethings, fallen too in love with band-aid social justice to be "hip and cool" and not taking a harder looking at slow-burn, culture-shifting programs like the PEACE program?

    Cameron Strang mentioned on the Relevant podcast that PEACE may not be the flash social justice program but it may eventually transform every aspect of Ugandan life, which is what raised the issue to me recently...

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