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    April 24, 2008



    That was cool. Thanks for asking him for me! I never get an answer to that from anyone that can do anything about it. :)


    Thanks for putting this together!

    Zak White

    Scott, thank you! I needed that today...

    travis spencer

    Thanks for making me famous with Rick Warren.

    Clayton Bell


    Robert Pooley

    Thanks for posting this... have a great vacation...


    this is great scot. thanks for doing this.
    really good stuff and that armpit fart was so funny.


    Great video...I enjoyed it, some great insights!


    I'll be honest, I've had a huge irrational issue with Rick Warren and this video really helped me see him as a humanbeing. Now I might even be able to say I like him (but I'm still not ready to read A purpose driven life).

    I absolutely loved his leadership work/home life philosophy!


    I missed it so thanks for posting!!

    brad andrews


    i tried posting the videos on my blog but they won't show up. i copied the embed code in the 'share' option within each UStream vid. Help!

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