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    April 29, 2008


    Chad Maag

    Aww, i wanted to go to the tochi station and pick up some power converters!


    Scott, Todd and I have been discussing that hair of yours. I'm not sure how to say this, but...

    Clayton Bell

    "Dr. Keller, if you want to be relevant and emerging and with it, you need to have your hands in your pockets at all times. If it can't fit on your iPhone in your pocket, it's not worth carrying..."

    "Scott, can you please explain these sites on your X3 report to me and Todd?"

    "Scott, do you have any idea how easily I could post you and Todd up and dominate you on the low post?"

    "Does this jacket make me look like a boomer pastor?"

    boyd bettis

    The one time only staring contest between Scott Hodge and Dr. Tim Keller. Judged by the only Todd Rhoades

    "Scott, I am so going to work you in this staring are so pitiful" - Dr. Keller

    "Geez...these guys are really into this staring contest" - Todd

    "This guy is going to'on I freaking Scott Hodge" - Scott

    Amy Kimes

    Boxers or briefs boy? It's a simple question.

    David Morris

    Scott, Todd and I have been talking and we are concerned about your excessive use of hair product. Don't get me wrong, it is not a jealousy issue with me. We just feel that your money should have more of a missional focus.

    Paul Stewart

    Excuse me, Dr Keller, oh hi Todd, um I was just wondering if I could ask you a question... I know you're really smart so I was wondering... Could God make a rock so big that even he couldn't lift it?

    David Wegley

    First off Chad, dude, you are my hero with the star wars reference! =)

    As for the caption, "Scott, the helicopter thing again this year for easter...come on, you need to upgrade. What about you jumping out of a plane and parachuting down with huge bags of plastic eggs? "

    Larry Boatright

    I understand how you'd think that Dr. Keller, but actually in the Greek it says...

    Larry Boatright

    Dr. Keller, I really think some nice black glasses and a gotee would do you well...

    Larry Boatright

    Dr. Keller, where do babies come from?

    W. Mark Whitlock

    Dr. Keller, thanks for taking off that tie. But as we said earlier, can you remove the coat, too. And, oh, untuck the shirt?


    Can I get backstage at Q next yr?

    travis johnson

    What did you think of the product placement in the live feed of my creative meeting yesterday? Ditch the hoodie?!

    travis johnson

    What did you think of the product placement in the live feed of my creative meeting yesterday? Ditch the hoodie?!


    "Dr. Keller, I promised I wouldn't say this in front of anyone...but you have forced my had...I am still wondering where MY royalties are for writing your book, 'The Reason for God.'"

    "BTW: Dr. Keller, it looks like one of the penny's fell out of your loafer."


    "Scott, I hate to break it to you but people don't take you seriously until you have gray hair. Now I know what you are thinking but I have all the paper work right here to prove it and a coke in case you are thirsty..."

    randy bohlender

    Dr. Keller: "Uhm, Scott...I'd love to answer your question, but I'm not that kind of doctor...."


    Scott: no, um, really, I was just being generous in a Kingdom kind of way when I uploaded all your subscription MP3s onto my website. It's not as if I was plagiarizing your sermons, you know what I mean?


    Scott: "What do you mean you want to borrow my shirt. No!"

    Tim: "No, I said where did you buy your shirt?"

    Scott: "Oh, sorry. Why do you ask?"

    Tim: "Well, if you are still within your 30 days, I would suggest returning it."

    reuben hood

    sorry Dr. Keller, we didn't know we weren't supposed to run thru the halls of the hotel blasting a fog horn at 4am. we just figured since we were near Disney, everyone would want a wake up call to get a jump on the line at space mountain.

    David Morris

    Dr. Keller - "Okay, let me see if I understand. You are going to encourage people to waste some of their precious time by writing captions?"
    Todd - "Yeah, what's that all about?"

    Chris Elrod

    No Scott...that's NOT what she said!!! :-)

    Evan Courtney

    Scott, Todd and I need to talk to you about this Hannah Montana music dvd we found in your office.

    Robert Pooley

    Todd, Scott... do you guys even own a sport jacket?

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