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    April 30, 2008


    anne jackson

    love it! thanks for sharing.

    kshane dunlap

    very good comments and insights

    Marla Saunders

    Thanks, Scott, for getting all these notes up there. Alan Hirsch's talk is challenging. There is a lot of meat in that, even in note form.

    I really appreciate the effort it takes you to do that for those of us who can not be there. And the video interviews were great.


    Europe is begining to recover it's faith. Though most don't know where to look. IF you are looking for the mega church...forget it. This was tried in the middle ages. The is a direct corelation between building big churches and the decline of Christianity in a nation.

    Now the church is growing in small missional gatherings. This is a mustard seed revolution. I think it is starting to happen here also.

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