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    March 10, 2007


    Terry Storch

    Thanks brotha! It feels really good to be "back".

    Carol Donnelson

    Terry, I'm looking for Robyn's blog. Does she still have one? Thanks!


    I think it's a conspiracy - Scott & Terry are really one and the same person.

    Amber Cox

    I have such high hopes for this Terry Storch guy. I've heard so much about his legendary blogging...and his sudden disappearance, and now his return to the glory of blogging. Thanks for the link! I'm excited to add him to my blogroll.

    edith Zepeda

    If you brush your hair down and let your eyebrows get a little bushier you could be twins. If you did that and you both put a starbucks cup in your hand you'd be identical twins.

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