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    February 02, 2006


    Gary Linquist

    Mr. Hodge,

    I respect your efforts to help your former associates; however, I was the sky blue Buick driving in front of you. You will remember me, I had the "honk if you love right wingers" bumper sticker.

    I don't appreciate being yelled at and asked to move my "@#*!!*#! BOAT out of the way!” My dog Ralph who was in the car with me, he nearly passed out from all the indignation that was being directed toward our vehicle. I had to give him two digoxin pills, doctor prescribed of course.

    You thought your heart rate was abnormally high? Luckily I had St. John's Wart in my glove compartment to calm my nerves.

    Well, off to bed, my heating pad should be nice and warm by now.

    Best wishes,

    Mr. Linquist

    P.S. I’m glad you are not considering a career in the CIA or any other type of espionage.

    Jason Simmons

    You should order a sword from Rod Parsley for your weapon of choice. I am selling Elijahchucks if you need back up. Check out my blog for order info.


    Scott, could you get some passports to Lambert airport for me? Like by Thanks man, yer a lifesaver.

    Stephanie Gulland

    Scott - thanks for helping out your brother in the Lord! Very AWESOME that you went out of your way to do that. :-)

    My day yesterday was good. It consisted mostly of training for my new job. I have now almost completed week two of training. It is going well, but my brain really started to hurt yesterday! Lots of new information!!!

    Hopefully we will get to Chicago soon to see you, Amanda, and the girls. We miss you tremendously, but are excited about the work that God is doing through you guys at The Orchard!


    What, exactly, did you mean by "@#*!!*#!!"?


    A great new game. Random @#*!!*#!!. For example:

    Scott, I would have been like @#*!!*#!! no and then would have said get the @#*!!*#!! yourself. It's Friday morning and I'm @#*!!*#!! and you should @#*!!*#!! too.

    And Betsy... what @#*!!*#!! would you expect this @#*!!*#!! to mean? I mean @#*!!*#!! and @#*!!*#!! and @#*!!*#!! arent exactly words of question are they?

    Who wants to play next?

    Paul W. Swansen

    So the next modifications to the Hodgemobile, are a light bar and that device that the ambulance's use to turn lights green.

    Jeff M. Miller

    Thank's absolutely hilarious!! Jack Ryan look out!

    Kelly Shirley

    My mom & my sister were two of those passports you rescued - I am grateful for all that you did! I heard the short version from Kent - but it was hilarious to read all the details from you. All I can say is it's great to have friends all over when you need a helping hand (or car).


    Did you get behind one of those cars on the way to the airport that have two bumper stickers on the back bumper. One says "I love Jesus," and the other says " horn broken watch for finger." the beautiful balance in life...haha great story!

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