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    January 31, 2006


    Phil Crissman

    At the risk of saying "me too!", uh... me too. ;-)

    GTD is definitely a great book. The 2 minute rule is a standout for me, too, as well as some of the suggestions for lists, and the reasons for keeping them; great stuff.

    Paul W. Swansen

    I've got the book too and subscribe to their e-mail list as well. Good stuff in the book, lots of noise on the list. I've not fully applied, or read fully the book, rather taking bits and pieces. Yes, it would take more that two minutes to read. Maybe I'll get the Audible copy if it's in an unabridged format and tackle this again.

    Ben Boles


    I can't remember if you have a mac or not, I know that you talk about them off and on. But there is a great little app that uses Omni Outliner Pro called Kinkless ( Its a GTD app that helps keep things all together as far as your next action lists, projects and contexts. Check it out.

    Chris Marsden

    Along with kinkless, check out 43folders is a great resource for GTD type tools and ideas geared towards mac users. While many of the software ideas are mac based, his practical ideas will help anyone.

    BTW...If you get into kinkless and/or the hPDA, let me know. I have been playing with it for a while and have a few tricks I've learned.

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