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    July 20, 2005


    David Wegley

    It's funny. I've noticed the same thing. I went to KFC to pick up some chicken and the girl behind the counter looked like she would have rather been having bamboo shoots stuff under her finger nails than doing what she was doing. She was said hello but it was forced. She asked what I wanted and took my order and slid my card throught the reader and that was it.

    At Starbucks the next day, I went in was greeted by three people with bright smiles on their faces. I was spoken to by the employee like a person not a transaction. While she was ringing it up she was talking to me about how much she liked the new green tea frap. It wasn't a sales pitch though. She really just liked the drink.

    I wish more places were like that.


    I think that when a company treats their company well, their employees are generally happier therefore treat customers better. I work at Starbucks...I love our store b/c we make it a priority to treat the customers good; of course, our main reason for business is to make money, but even more than that we want our customers happy and want to create an environment that makes them want to come back! In fact, we've had many customers come into our store that have said that we treat them good and that's why they come to our store.

    valued customer

    Of course, without the KFCs of the world, the Starbucks would not be such a standout. It's partially the contrast that obscures the underlying fact that you're still paying six bucks for a cup of coffee.

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