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    July 15, 2005


    Kenny (blaqenedwyte blog)

    Okay, I'll go first...
    The logo designs on that site are WONDERFUL illustrations that would look great as a corporate logo. However I must say, the strategic branding which results in an orgainzation's identity is more than worth the process and cost. The result is an identity (not a LOGO) that fits in-line with your current organization, your future organization, your marketing strategy as well as speak to your current and potential customers in the tone and manner that you desire. A canned logo, though it looks nice, was not designed for YOU or YOUR ORGANIZATION. It may be sending messages that you don't necessarily want to be sending. How would you feel if you invested your money in a canned logo - put it on your website - got business cards, letterhead, envelopes printed - maybe put a sign out front - and then a week later you find another organization (maybe even a competitor of yours) with the exact same logo. What does that tell your customers?

    Identity is so crucial to any organization that I hate when it gets shoved under the rug as a second thought.

    And yes, I am an art director who has been involved in innumerable corporate and private branding initiatives. Just my 2 cents.

    scott hodge

    Great point Kenny!


    I agree with Kenny. I just couldn't say it as well.


    Great post, it's also fascinating to me to see how logos evolve over time i.e. Starbucks or White Castle (personal favorite - the food, not the logo).

    Todd Ruth

    Great point. But I know art directors charge more than 2 cents! J/K

    Bruce DeBoer

    What is a logo worth?

    This is the latest from Seth (Purple Cow – Free Prize Inside – Tell a Story) Godin. He states, “all a logo needs, is to be GOOD ENOUGH” when just a few weeks previous he wanted you to reject “good enough”.

    Ok – perhaps he meant to say that your brand is built (or not) regardless of logo design. If that’s what he meant, I agree, but not at the expense of great design.

    Let’s make this clear:

    A logo is your Brand Identity. It matters. The identity becomes the symbol for your brand image in the mind of the customer. “Good enough” is a well designed logo that will feel fresh for a long time. It’s one you and your customers won’t tire of in a few short years – let’s say the first 10 - 20 years or so. A “good enough” logo is one that differentiates itself within its category and begins to tell the story before you know what that story is. It’s memorable. It’s distinctive. It’s representative.

    Nike is a great example. That swoosh was commissioned for $35 (they have since upped that payment significantly) but price doesn’t always dictate quality. The swoosh logo gives the viewer a feeling of activity and motion before we begin to know the story of the brand. In “Godin speak”, it fits the brand story. I chose Nike because it’s such an obvious example but there are many good ones: Kodak, Amtrak, Cotton, or I Love (heart) NY.

    A distinctive, well conceived and designed logo is worth every penny you can spend, but ultimately, it’s only going to be as good as the brand you build around it.


    I have to say after +9 years of experience to Wordwide Ad Agencies sometimes stock logos are far better than custom logo designs made from such Agencies.

    I believe that if you find a nice stock logo buy it. But it's important to be sold only once.

    Logo Design by

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