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    May 31, 2005



    Dude (Pastor Dude),

    Is that a banana seat on that bad boy??!

    I am upgrading my mode of transport, see here:

    Good times, good times...

    I don't have a regular getaway, just haven't worked it in yet. Perhaps with the new wheels I'll be able to head out on Hwy 81 towards Saint Cloud and let the wind just take me! :)


    Scott, this will solve your seat issues.

    As for a getaway... the only thing I can think of is shoe shopping. :) That is VERY therapeutic.

    It's too stinkin' hot here to get away during the day to exercise. Those who are truly committed will get up before the sun and hike Camelback or something like that. But I can't get excited about that.

    Martin Leeuwner

    I used to take my Seadoo to the lake in Tulsa on a weekly basis. It made me feel alive, it made me feel free...leaving work behind, racing down to the water, throwing the engine into high gear and gliding across the glassy lake...mmm


    Glad you've started exercising. When we tried jogging / walking in Tulsa, I didn't exactly see you as the exercising type. It always made me wonder how you don't weigh like 450 pounds with all the food you talk about eating.

    My weekly escape, well I run, but at 6:40am I don't think that's really an escape, more a punishment.

    Playing X-box is more of my escape, but to avoid addiction it's about an every other month escape. Blowing up friends, the thrill of the game and the total dopamine release is the benefit.



    I take it you are well versed in the field of Halo?


    That's one ugly bike - hope you didn't pay more than $2 for it.

    From your beloved friend and the one whom you love above all the others.

    Mary Beth

    In regards to butt pains after riding your bike, the only solution I have found is to not only have jell filled seat but also jell filled shorts. They are wonderful, but goofy looking.


    Ted, I'm not as well versed as I'd like to be, but, yes, I enjoy killing friends with a warm RPG.

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