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    May 12, 2005


    David Wegley

    I just used something like that yesterday. It's called Webex. Works pretty well. There are several ways to do this that work well, Webex, Livemeeting and others.

    I've never been a big powerpoint presenation person because most presentations aren't made well and are boring. I would just prefer to have the info and if there is need for a meeting do a concall or do a video chat via iChat.


    Yes I have and it is pretty cool. You can also get up leave and it isn't rude cuz they don't know that you are not there!

    Jim Walton

    I experienced LiveMeeting with the FellowshipOne demo we got at our church. We watched everything he on his desktop and we were talking via speakerphone. Out of our group, one guy did leave in the middle of it and the person on the other end tried to ask this person a question and we were like, 'um, he left'

    I didn't go as far as blogging, though, while being presented to! I wonder if Cliff reads your blog. heh


    Scott, I attended Cliff's session also! I thought that was you across the room. I came in late and just took a seat in the back. ;-)

    I just got Cliff's book (Beyond Bullet Points) and it's great. As an instructional designer, I'm seeing a lot of different ways to utilize his script and storyboard templates.

    My company doesn't use LiveMeeting, but we use a similar technology (by HP). Since my department serves employees all across the U.S. (and sometimes Canada and Europe), it gets quite a bit of use.

    We also tested Breeze (which seems to have some additional features that are nice for distance learning), but I think it was pretty pricey for what we need.

    Bill Whitmore

    I use live meeting all the time, showing demonstrations of Fellowship One (Enterprise Church Managment System. We also use it for Training. It is very easy to use on both ends. I like a couple of features. 1) You can setup a meeting in Outlook and do all the invitations in Outlook and make it a Live Meeting. 2) I can share my Desktop during the presentation you can see everyting I am doing. It's not limited to just Power Point presentations.
    There is also a frequent user program that you earn points for every meeting you hold and when you earn a certain number of points you can buy merchandise.

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